Artist statement


In this artist statement I declare my passion for drawing. I tell you

•            why I make art;

•            why ‘Colouring your World’;

•            why I work with coloured pencils;

•            what inspires me;

•            how I make my paintings;

•            why my art is so unique;

•            what do I mean by my work.


Why do I make art

The purpose of my work is to make the world a more colourfull place. I use the beauty of nature because it is an endless source of inspiration. I am inspired by the colours, paterns and proportions which can be found in nature. In classic art these paterns and proportions have been used for centuries. So the classic school is a start for my work.


Why ‘Colouring Your World’

Drawing is more than visualising an idee or image. It is a natural desire for beauty. For me drawing is a range of subtile events that become visible on paper. The different experiences are memories that reveal emotions. I want people to enjoy the beautifull things in life. With ‘Colouring Your World’ I want to let them see the beauty of colour, craftsmanship and creativity. Art enriches and brightens your life and it makes that common things are special.


Why I work with coloured pencil

For me coloured pencil is an old and familiar medium, for over 25 years. Coloured pencil gives me controle over my work, not only for large surfaces but also for fine details. It is a clean and versitile medium and suitable for various techniques. Worldwide coloured pencil is becoming increasingly popular. You can find coloured pencil paintings at famous international art contests and art exhibitions that can compete with traditional media such as acrylics and oils.


What inspires me

My inspiration comes from the beauty of nature (paterns and proportions), the craftsmanship of the classical school and the works of artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer and Escher. These artists used the ‘Golden ratio’, the logarithmic spiral, the Fibonacci sequence or tesselations as a start for their work. My drawings are often based on these principles.


How do I make my paintings

My paintings show rich, full colours. These rich colours are made by layering many colours on top of eachother. Because of a special technique my drawings look like they have been painted with acrylics or oils. I work from light to dark and I spare the white of the paper.


Why is my art so unique

In my still lifes I combine realistic objects with abstract geometric paterns. These unusual paterns create a feeling of motion. They draw your attention from one detail to another. Lightning and composition are important in my work. You can see interesting reflections and distortions.


The meaning of my work

In my work you can see a symbiotic relationship between the straight and curved lines. The strenght and impact of a straight line is the opposite of the grace and elegance of the curved line. You can find this relationship in the reflections and distortions in the objects. I want to communicate with the viewers and surprise the people with my work and show them the beauty of colour and simplicity.